‘From the past to the future: towards a new paradigm in landscape and environment’: Professor Brian Mark Evans

Talk for Landscape Institute
In 2016, Brian and Sue Evans published ‘Growing Awareness: How green consciousness can change perceptions and places’. The book distils the research and learning from 5 years of the CSGN Forum in three sections of learning – from thought, place and action. In this talk for the LIS in June 2017 Brian puts the lessons from ‘Growing Awareness’ in the context of 40 years of practice in Scotland and internationally founding on the seminal influence of Ian McHarg’s ‘Designing with Nature’ to which ‘Growing Awareness is dedicated. He explores the book’s 10 point manifesto for landscape and environment including the emergence of the ‘ecophilic’ in landscape design as a contemporary construct that in Scotland combines with the ‘sublime’ and the ‘picturesque’ in Scotland’s genius loci in the digital age of the 21st century.
You can watch the full talk here:

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