Landscape Futures Event, Edinburgh

Creating Resilient Landscapes of the Future – Considering the Current Issues of Tree Health

The Event which was organised by the Landscape Institute Scotland and supported by the Landscape Institute and the Forestry Commission Scotland attracted approximately 70 people and took place on Wednesday, 15th October 2014 in the Biosphere Zone of Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.

A taster of the event can be found below:


Video and audio clips from each of the key speakers and key Landscape Institute staff are available below:


Rebecca Hughes, policy and development officer, Landscape Institute Scotland, discussing the purpose of the event on tree health – Listen Again

John Thomson, chaired the Landscape Futures event talking about globalisation increasing the movement of tree diseases and the need for planning ahead – Listen Again

Phil Mulligan, CEO of the Landscape Institute, speaking about landscape futures in a wider context – Listen Again


The Tree Health Landscape in Scotland

Hugh Clayden, head of tree health at the Forestry Commission Scotland, discussing the current status of tree health and biosecurity issues in Scotland and the UK – Listen Again


How can Research Contribute to Future Resilient Landscapes?

Professor Alison Hester, head of safeguarding natural capital team, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, discussing the contribution of research to future resilient landscapes – Listen Again


How to Grow a 300 Year Old Tree

Duncan Stone, policy and land use advisor, Scottish Natural Heritage, discussing the potential future scenarios for native species distribution in Scotland, particularly old trees – Listen Again


Tree Health, Landscape Change and the Long View

Simon Bell, OPENspace Research Centre – Edinburgh University & Estonian University of Life Sciences


Forum and Closing Comments

Slides from each presentation are available to view and download via Slideshare


The Conference was organised by Landscape Institute Scotland and supported by Forestry Commission Scotland

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