Landscape for Scotland

The Landscape Institute Scotland were delighted to present ‘Landscape for Scotland’ in the Garden Lobby of the Scottish Parliament on the evening of Tuesday, 14th November 2017.

There were over 100 people in attendance from a broad background, all with an interest in landscape and place, for a really successful event with inspiring speakers supportive of our vision, including:

  • Gillian Martin MSP;
  • Andy Wightman MSP;
  • Diarmaid Lawlor of Architecture & Design Scotland; and
  • Professor Brian Evans, Professor of Urbanism + Landscape, Head of Urbanism, Glasgow School of Art.

The document encourages Scotland’s commitment to international best practice in landscape protection, planning and management and supports the Scottish Government in delivering its Programme for Scotland. It demonstrates that Scottish landscapes are an essential aspect of people’s sense of place and belonging, contributing to the health and wellbeing of communities and also the role of landscape professionals in shaping the distinctive urban, rural and wild places that make Scotland so special.

Read Landscape for Scotland 

The exhibition remained at the Scottish Parliament until Thursday, 16th November 2017. Rebecca Hughes, Policy and Influencing Officer for Scotland, accompanied by LIS volunteers, had huge success engaging with MSP’s at the Scottish Parliament to share our vision.

‘Landscape for Scotland’ is not a full stop, it’s an invitation to do more and extend that challenge to others which is why we have proposed 5 key areas for shared action. Our next steps will be to invite people and organisations with an interest in landscape and place to continue the conversation and help us support the Scottish Government and decision makers in promoting a holistic approach to the planning, design and management of landscape and place and maximise their value and benefit for Scotland’s future generations.



Read what some of the speakers and attendees had to say about the launch event and our ambitious vision for landscape in Scotland…

“We have been good at explaining the importance of landscape, natural capital and our ecosystems. It is known throughout Scotland and internationally as ‘a good thing’. However we have so much of it, it is often taken for granted. Therefore we need to redouble our message about the importance of landscape, natural capital and ecosystems to our daily lives – the way we live and the way we work – essential to our well-being and prosperity. Indeed it is existential to Scotland as we know it today.

…mainstreaming green consciousness means that daily decision-making is permeated with thought for the quality of our landscapes and ecosystems and that their enhancement is planned and designed for. In Scotland, we have the technology and capability to address these challenges. Scotland’s landscape and our natural capital needs to be an equal and central pillar of community and business development in the prosecution of ‘A Nation with Ambition.” –

Professor Brian Mark Evans, Professor of Urbanism + Landscape, Glasgow School of Art

“Fantastic achievement to pull the conversation on landscape together and engage the community of practice on the future. No easy task.” 

Diarmaid Lawlor – Architecture & Design Scotland

“I think you’ve done tremendously well in terms of having something to promote our industry in Scotland and increase awareness of what we are capable of as a profession to those outwith. I’d say the LIS has flourished – an A* in applying the Standards within the Landscape Institute Code of Conduct: 

Standard 2: The Landscape Institute expects members to uphold the reputation and dignity of their profession and their professional organisation 

Standard 4: The Landscape Institute also expects members to actively and positively promote and further the aims and objectives of The Landscape Institute, as set down in its Charter, and to contribute to the work and activities of the Institute.” 

Sheena Raeburn – Director, IWA

“It was good to meet you last night, at your very successful launch. The  Scottish Wildlife Trust  is very active on your key  themes and are keen to take the discussion further”

Linda Rosborough – Chair, Scottish Wildlife Trust


Download PDF Landscape for Scotland