SP=EED: CPD Skills Training ‘Successful Planning = Effective Engagement and Delivery 9th Oct Glasgow

Would you like to be recognised for your skills in community engagement and undertake valuable CDP training?

PAS (www.pas.org.uk) has a new date for SP=EED Verification coming up: Thursday 1 October 5.30-9.00 pm – Glasgow (city centre venue)

SP=EED (Successful Planning = Effective Engagement and Delivery) is PAS’s practical guide to effective engagement and is mentioned in Scottish Government guidance.
SP=EED Verification is a two-part programme. Part 1 is an interactive workshop and Part 2 is a written reflective-learning assessment.

Previous participants have come from a wide range of sectors.

Cost: £250 per person (including workshop, assessment process and verification)

Full information is here and to register please visit this link. If you have any questions please email sp=eed@pas.org.uk or call David Wood on 0131 659 9774.

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