LIS GLVIA3 Seminar – May 2015

Landscape Institute Scotland – GLVIA3 Seminar – Wednesday, 6th May 2015 Teacher Building, 14 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow

36 members heard Jeff Stevenson, Chair of the LI GLVIA3 Advisory Panel who has been involved with all editions of GLVIA, talk about GLVIA3 and indicating the main differences between it and the previous version. Marc van Grieken who is also a Panel member and is the LI Technical Committee member responsible for the Panel talked about GLVIA3 in practice and the issues raised by the Panel’s review. Crispin Hoult of Linknode Ltd. talked about his involvement with research on Trust in Visual Media as this related to LVIA.


Mark Turnbull acted as seminar chair.  He is also member of the GLVIA3 Panel and has been involved with all editions of GLVIA and is Chair of the LI Technical Committee and an LI Board Member.

LIS_GLVIA3_Seminar Speakers  GLVIA3

(From L-R: Marc van Grieken, Jeff Stevenson, Crispin Hoult)


Jeff Stevenson presentation can be found HERE

Marc van Grieken presentation can be found HERE

Crispin Hoult presentation can be found HERE


There were a number of questions from LIS members and a good discussion followed the presentations, and LIS members are reminded that the GLVIA3 Advisory Panel issue clarifications and advice in response to LI members queries via the Landscape Institute website and Talking Landscape Forum.

GLVIA3 Clarifications

Talking Landscape Forum