Cross Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment: Are Scotland’s Places the best places in the World to grow up as a Young Person?

We are delighted to provide information on the next meeting of the Group


This will take place on Tuesday 25 February 2014 in the Scottish Parliament from 6.00 to 8.00pm.

(Please note the later than usual time of the meeting)


The Scottish Government is committed to the early years agenda. It is also committed toplace and design. It is an ambition of Scottish Government to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up. What does this mean for places, the way we make them, manage them and change them, and how are young people involved?


The idea of participation recognises that the people in our communities are the true experts about their own lives and know the most about their own surroundings.  Tapping their expertise and insight through meaningful engagement is key to finding out what works best in any given context.


But, how well do we do participation? Do we use participation, active conversation in shaping the brief for change as a practical tool for design and changing places? Or do we come up ideas and consult with people after the opportunity for influencing things is done?


The focus of the Cross Party Group is to hear the voice of young people from different Scottish places about how they see participation, how they feel involved in changing places. The meeting will invite debate on how to do participation more often with more people as a pragmatic way of creating sustainable change in Scottish places.

The meeting will hear from

  • the experience of young people from Pilton in Edinburgh working with the charity Circle on their views of what makes where they live a great place. These young people have recently participated in the Our Natural Capital project, facilitated by Daisychain Associates with partners. [more details here:];
  • young people from the New Urban Voices project working in Forfar and Dundee withSpace Unlimited. []  New Urban Voices is designed to give young people the space and support to build a stronger voice and more leadership in transforming the places where they live;
  • Stone Opera, a creative Scottish consultancy who have designed and delivered practical methods of engaging young people in the briefing process for architecture and neighbourhoods [];
  • Jenny Wood, Phd researcher at Heriot Watt, and volunteer with Planning Aid Scotland, on the relationship of young people and the planning system [].

The speakers are supported by Architecture and Design Scotland and Planning Aid Scotland who promote participation with young people as a key element of design and placemaking practice in Scotland.


If you wish to attend it is important that you take note of the information for guests to the Scottish Parliament provided in the pdf below.

Download PDF

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