Annual General Meeting and talk by LI President Elect Noel Farrer

This is to give you notice that the Annual General Meeting of the LIS Branch will be held in Edinburgh this year at Architecture + Design Scotland, Bakehouse Close, 146 Canongate, Edinburgh from 6.30pm.  Please join us for this event.  Food is available; snacks and soft drinks before the event. The Annual Report by Chairman Mark Turnbull is in the pdf below. Support for the Branch The AGM gives the opportunity for you to get involved in the Branch, providing services to members, contributing to education and CPD and promoting the profession in Scotland.  The Constitution states that the Committee shall consist of not fewer than 3 and not more than 12 Branch Members, including the Honorary Officers, as follows: The Honorary Officers being a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer; and a Branch Representative (also known as an  Advisory Council Member who shall represent the Branch on the Advisory Council).  Each shall be a Corporate Member of the Institute (as defined in The Royal Charter). There shall be not more than 8 additional members. Besides the posts above, we have places for co-ordinators for events, website & communications, P2C, and a student representative.  New members are welcome, and shadowing/mentoring are available if desired. The amount of work is relatively light (we share it) and we meet together every 4-6 weeks.  It is a useful way to keep in touch with what goes on, and to be active on issues of concern to members across Scotland. Members who find it difficult to attend evening meetings can indicate their preference for the informal (non-voting) role of Corresponding Members of the Committee.  They are encouraged to respond to consultations or to give their advice, by email, post or phone as appropriate. All Honorary Officer posts and Committee places are open. Committee Members and Officers in 2013 were:-

Alan Cameron (Vice Chair) Nicola Garmory Mike Harrison Rebecca Heatlie (Student Rep.) Hamish Neilson (Secretary) James Spence Watson Rachel Tennant (Branch Representative) Mark Turnbull (Chair) Clare Winsch (Treasurer) Andrew Smith Judith Parsons (withdrew May 2013) Steven Wheatley Dan Walker (Co-opted Nov. 2013)

All of those above (with the exception of Judith Parsons) are willing to stand again. Please contribute to this Branch of your Institute by volunteering for one of the Honorary Officer roles or as a Committee Member, using the attached form.  This is one of the most important ways in which you can be involved in and contribute to the development of your profession.  If more nominations are received than places available, a postal ballot will be organised between 15th and 28thApril. For catering purposes, please let us know whether you are going to attend the AGM, and the Talk. I look forward to seeing you on 30th April. With best wishes Hamish R.A. Neilson Secretary


Wednesday 30th April at 6.30pm

at Architecture & Design Scotland, Bakehouse Close, 146 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DD


1.0   Introduction & Welcome

2.0   Minutes of last AGM

3.0   Chair’s Report

4.0   Treasurer’s Report 12 and 3

5.0   Election of Office Bearers and Committee

6.0   Motions

7.0   Date/Place/Time of first Committee meeting LIS Business Plan 2014-2020


Buffet:  6.30pm

Welcome & Introduction: 7.00pm

Ironside Farrar – Talk on “The Helix”: 7.05pm

AGM: 7.45pm

Noel Farrer, LI President Elect:  “My Practice and Experience”: 8.20pm

Discussion and conclusion by 9.00pm

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