Consultation on Draft Glasgow City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050

The City Council’s Planning Services is inviting feedback on a Draft City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050  (CCSDF 2050) which seeks to establish the spatial ambition and development direction to guide the future evolution of the City Centre towards 2050. The document can be found here Draft CCSDF 2050 The CCSDF 2050 is one of six such documents being prepared for six priority areas identified in the City Development Plan (CDP) that require a co-ordinated spatial plan to guide future development and … Read full story

Cross Party Group on Rural Policy – 12th March Meeting report

The Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Rural Policy met on Tuesday, 12th March 2019.   The topic of the meeting was ‘Rural Poverty and Health Inequalities’, chaired by Emma Harper, MSP for the South Scotland Region. Five speakers from different social agencies and a PhD student from Aberdeen University presented the work they carry out in different areas of rural Scotland.   A report of discussions from the meeting can be downloaded HERE Find out more about … Read full story

Glasgow Open Space Strategy

The City Council has published a Consultative Draft Open Space Strategy (OSS) ( for Glasgow. The Draft OSS sets out the ways in which the people, flora and fauna of Glasgow are likely to make use of open space, now and in the future, and sets out how these different demands on open space should be considered and met. The Draft OSS sets out the strategic direction that will guide the Council’s work, policy-making and investment decisions in managing the … Read full story

Scottish Government Consults on Land Rights & Responsibilities Statement

A consultation on the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, which is a set of principles with an overarching vision that will guide the development of public policy on the nature and character of land rights and responsibilities in Scotland. The consultation closes Friday 10th March 2017.   You can read all about the consultation HERE … Read full story

SNH & HES Consultation on Local Landscape Area (LLA) Guidance

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) are currently consulting on revised guidance on Local Landscape Areas (LLAs). The revised guidance aims to help Planning Authorities identify or review their local landscape designations and maximise their benefits.  SNH & HES would like you to comment how useful you think the guidance will be, and how it might be improved? You can find out more about the consultation HERE and HERE Download the draft guidance HERE The consultation is open until Friday, … Read full story

SNH Draft Coastal Character Assessment Guidance Consultation

SNH is currently undertaking a consultation on the draft Coastal Character Assessment guidance produced by Carol Anderson Associates for SNH, which presents a methodology on how to undertake coastal characterisation. Subsequent coastal character assessments produced in accordance with the guidance will be intended to help inform and guide coastal and marine planning, and also individual development proposals, for example through seascape, landscape and visual impact assessments (SLVIA). Rebecca Hughes, LIS Policy and Development Officer will be collating a response to the consultation … Read full story

Land Reform Consultation Feb 2015 – Read the LIS’ submission HERE!

Below you can read the LIS’ letter as part of the LIS’ Land Reform Consultation response. To read the entire consultation with the LIS’ response, click Land-reform-bill-consultation-feb-2015 LISresponse 8feb2015. The LIS’ response to the consultation can be found in Annex D within the consultation document. Land Reform Team B1 Spur Saughton House Edinburgh EH11 3XD 8th February 2015 Dear Sir/Madam LAND REFORM BILL: LAND RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES POLICY STATEMENT CONSULTATION RESPONSE Introduction The Landscape Institute Scotland is part of the … Read full story

SNH Corporate Plan 2015 – 2018: Consultation Response

In December 2014, LIS Policy & Development Officer Rebecca Hughes submitted a consultation response to Scottish Natural Heritage’s (SNH) Discussion Paper on the SNH Corporate Plan 2015 – 2018   SNH Discussion Paper available HERE Download a copy of the consultation response HERE     … Read full story

LIS PROCUREMENT NOTE: E-AUCTIONS Meeting Scottish Government: 29.04.14 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow

LIS PROCUREMENT NOTE: E-AUCTIONS Meeting Scottish Government: 29.04.14 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow Present Cara Davidson – Scottish Government, Renewables Routemap, Energy & Climate Change Allen Hughes – Scottish Government, Renewables Routemap, Energy & Climate Change Marc van Grieken – LUC Rachel Tennant – LIS Apologies Gordon Patterson – Scottish Government, Renewables Routemap, Energy & Climate Change Key issues raised by LUC • No problem with procurement and tendering in general as long as it is on a fair and reasonable basis. … Read full story

The consultation on the draft Edinburgh Street Design Guidance is now underway – Read more here!

The consultation on the draft Edinburgh Street Design Guidance is now underway and we’d like your views on the streets in the City. The City has a range of street types from historic streets to new streets and getting their design right is important to us all. The guidance will help to make streets places for people by giving greater emphasis to walking, cycling and public transport. Princes Street We’re using a survey to give you a chance to tell … Read full story

TRANSPORT SCOTLAND Fitting Landscapes: Securing more sustainable landscapes

Link to the full report is below the article. Status and Aims of Fitting Landscapes: Securing more sustainable landscapes Fitting Landscapes provides the Scottish Government’s policy statement addressing the landscape design and management of our transport corridors. Such corridors can be major elements in the environment. It is important that they are designed and managed not only to meet their functional objectives but also to fit with the landscape through which they pass – reflecting local distinctiveness, conserving and enhancing … Read full story