Housing Beyond 2021

LIS committee member and Director at IWA, Nick Bowen, was invited to attend a stakeholder engagement event for Housing Beyond 2021, which was hosted by the Scottish government Planning and Architecture Division. It was an opportunity to press the case for the role of landscape and placemaking in helping achieve better social and environmental value from future housing delivery. Two workshops were held, in Glasgow and Edinburgh. They were attended by a range of social housing organisations, Architects, SNH landscape … Read full story

LI Response to Alan Macdonald’s review of SNH Visual Representation of Wind Farms 2014

  LANDSCAPE INSTITUTE TECHNICAL AND PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE   RESPONSE TO ALAN MACDONALD’S REVIEW OF THE SCOTTISH NATURAL HERITAGE DOCUMENT VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF WIND FARMS 2014    The Landscape Institute (LI) notes Alan Macdonald’s Review of the SNH Visual Representation of Wind Farms 2014 (SNH 2014) and the views expressed in this self published document. The LI is satisfied that the guidance given in SNH 2014 is fit for purpose and refutes the claim, made by Alan MacDonald, that:  “ ..the … Read full story

LIS Committee response to the Future Directions Consultation – Available HERE!

LIS letter sent on behalf of the LIS Committee to Chris Sheridan, Landscape Institute Head of Education and Membership, and copied to the LI Chief Executive, Phil Mulligan and LI President Noel Farrer, regarding a response to the Landscape Institute: Future Direction Members’ Consultation. A PDF version of the letter can be downloaded HERE … Read full story

Summary of LIS Consultation Event on LI Governance Proposals – Available here!

Landscape Institute: Future Direction Members’ Consultation  The Landscape Institute Scotland held a discussion evening for LIS Members on Wednesday, 3rd December 2014 in Glasgow (6pm – 9 pm ), where Chris Sheridan, Landscape Institute Head of Education and Membership presented the proposals being put forward by the LI and fielded questions from LIS Members in attendance. Download a PDF note of the meeting discussions at this link HERE    … Read full story

LIS Future of the Landscape Profession Survey

Are you a Landscape Architect working in the Public or Third Sector in Scotland? The Landscape Institute Scotland encourages you to complete this survey to input proposals for the Landscape 2020 initiative. Complete the Survey here: https://liscotland.typeform.com/to/DFRmoV Last year, LIS members participated in the Landscape Institute’s Summer Conversation to help shape the future of the profession in Scotland. The full report submitted by the LIS is available via the following link. https://scotland.landscapeinstitute.org/the-lis-publishes-a-summer-conversation-on-the-future-of-the-landscape-profession-in-scotland-access-the-report-here/ The Conversation concluded that further efforts were necessary to … Read full story

Landscape Institute Proposed Governance Changes

  Consultation with LIS Members Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, 6.00pm to 8.00pm   The Teacher Building 14 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4DB   Understanding how the proposed changes will affect members The Landscape Institute is proposing a series of governance changes with the aim of expanding and thus increasing membership into the profession and consequently its income and expenditure.  These changes based on the overall aim of expansion are fundamental and will at some stage be likely to involve proposing … Read full story