Consultation on Draft Glasgow City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050

The City Council’s Planning Services is inviting feedback on a Draft City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050  (CCSDF 2050) which seeks to establish the spatial ambition and development direction to guide the future evolution of the City Centre towards 2050. The document can be found here Draft CCSDF 2050 The CCSDF 2050 is one of six such documents being prepared for six priority areas identified in the City Development Plan (CDP) that require a co-ordinated spatial plan to guide future development and … Read full story

Cross Party Group on Rural Policy – 12th March Meeting report

The Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Rural Policy met on Tuesday, 12th March 2019.   The topic of the meeting was ‘Rural Poverty and Health Inequalities’, chaired by Emma Harper, MSP for the South Scotland Region. Five speakers from different social agencies and a PhD student from Aberdeen University presented the work they carry out in different areas of rural Scotland.   A report of discussions from the meeting can be downloaded HERE Find out more about … Read full story

Help shape the future of the River Clyde and Govan-Partick

As part of the implementation of the City Development Plan, ‘Strategic Development Frameworks’ (SDFs) are being prepared for 6 areas of major spatial change across the city. These SDFs are key instruments for implementing the Council’s strategic priorities, linking spatial planning and placemaking objectives with the priorities of communities.  The Council are now consulting on draft versions of the River Clyde SDF and the Govan-Partick SDF. These SDF documents along with an introductory document providing further information with regard to … Read full story

Housing Beyond 2021

LIS committee member and Director at IWA, Nick Bowen, was invited to attend a stakeholder engagement event for Housing Beyond 2021, which was hosted by the Scottish government Planning and Architecture Division. It was an opportunity to press the case for the role of landscape and placemaking in helping achieve better social and environmental value from future housing delivery. Two workshops were held, in Glasgow and Edinburgh. They were attended by a range of social housing organisations, Architects, SNH landscape … Read full story

Glasgow Open Space Strategy

The City Council has published a Consultative Draft Open Space Strategy (OSS) ( for Glasgow. The Draft OSS sets out the ways in which the people, flora and fauna of Glasgow are likely to make use of open space, now and in the future, and sets out how these different demands on open space should be considered and met. The Draft OSS sets out the strategic direction that will guide the Council’s work, policy-making and investment decisions in managing the … Read full story

Scotland’s Forestry Strategy 2019-29

Diverse and versatile forests and woodlands are located across Scotland and serve both our rural and urban communities; they are valuable natural assets, providing a range of benefits which support sustainable and inclusive economic growth, sustain livelihoods, enhance our environment and improve people’s quality of life and well-being. The Scottish Government has committed to developing a Forestry Strategy for Scotland, to set out a long-term vision for Scottish forestry within the context of our wider land use aspirations. This is … Read full story

Plant Biosecurity: Oak Processionary Moth Issue

In response to recent interceptions of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) (Thaumetopoea processionea) on larger imported oak trees, new import and movement controls are being put in place to protect against the imminent danger of introducing this pest into the UK OPM Protected Zone. The OPM Protected Zone consists of all areas of the UK outwith London and surrounding areas, where OPM is already established. The new measures will be in effect in England from Tuesday 21 August 2018 and are … Read full story

Scottish Government Consults on Land Rights & Responsibilities Statement

A consultation on the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, which is a set of principles with an overarching vision that will guide the development of public policy on the nature and character of land rights and responsibilities in Scotland. The consultation closes Friday 10th March 2017.   You can read all about the consultation HERE … Read full story

Scotland: Wind of Change – A consultation on the future of Wind Energy in Scotland – Tuesday, 21st February 2017

The Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) are currently consulting on important policy and technical guidance which has potential implications for the future of wind energy development in Scotland: Scottish Government Draft Scottish Energy Strategy: The future of energy in Scotland (due 30th May 2017) Scottish Government Onshore Wind Policy Statement (due 30th May 2017) SNH Technical Guidance on the Assessment of Wild Land (due 7th April 2017) To ensure that the landscape profession continues to play an important and … Read full story

SNH Publish Technical Guidance for Assessment of Impacts on Wild Land Areas

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) have published Technical Guidance for the Assessment of Impacts on Wild Land Areas in Scotland, along with accompanying wild land area descriptions for all 42 Wild Land Areas. You can read the Technical Guidance and WLA descriptions HERE The draft guidance has drawn on experience of assessing effects on Wild Land Areas (WLAs) since publication of Scottish Planning Policy in 2014. It includes annexes containing illustrative examples and frequently asked questions. The methodology draws on the descriptions … Read full story

SNH & HES Consultation on Local Landscape Area (LLA) Guidance

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) are currently consulting on revised guidance on Local Landscape Areas (LLAs). The revised guidance aims to help Planning Authorities identify or review their local landscape designations and maximise their benefits.  SNH & HES would like you to comment how useful you think the guidance will be, and how it might be improved? You can find out more about the consultation HERE and HERE Download the draft guidance HERE The consultation is open until Friday, … Read full story

SNH Consultation on Draft Guidance on Coastal Character Assessment

In March, the LIS published an SNH Draft Coastal Character Assessment Guidance Consultation. The LIS Committee has since made comments on the draft (you can read more about the process in this covering letter) and wish to make those comments available to all LIS members. The current form of the draft, a Word document with tracked changes, can be viewed here. … Read full story

Office Location Working Group Report

A PDF copy of the redacted Office Location Working Group (OLWG) Report, prepared by TGP Landscape Architects in October 2015 can be downloaded here for your information. This report was ordered at the 2014 LI AGM to ascertain whether it would be financially viable to move the Landscape Institute headquarters away from London and, if the move were to take place, where would be the best location for the new headquarters to be established.                 … Read full story

SNH Draft Coastal Character Assessment Guidance Consultation

SNH is currently undertaking a consultation on the draft Coastal Character Assessment guidance produced by Carol Anderson Associates for SNH, which presents a methodology on how to undertake coastal characterisation. Subsequent coastal character assessments produced in accordance with the guidance will be intended to help inform and guide coastal and marine planning, and also individual development proposals, for example through seascape, landscape and visual impact assessments (SLVIA). Rebecca Hughes, LIS Policy and Development Officer will be collating a response to the consultation … Read full story

The Increasing Height and Distribution of Wind Turbines in the Scottish Landscape

The Landscape Institute Scotland recently emailed members regarding a Confidential Consultation Draft of the LIS Report on ‘The Increasing Height and Distribution of Wind Turbines in the Scottish Landscape’. The report is based on discussions during a meeting held in Stirling on 25th June 2015 and consultation comments received on the record of this meeting. It has taken considerable time and effort from Rebecca Hughes, LIS Policy Officer, Marc van Grieken, LIS Committee Support and Mark Turnbull, LIS Chairperson to work through contributors comments and … Read full story

LI Response to Alan Macdonald’s review of SNH Visual Representation of Wind Farms 2014

  LANDSCAPE INSTITUTE TECHNICAL AND PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE   RESPONSE TO ALAN MACDONALD’S REVIEW OF THE SCOTTISH NATURAL HERITAGE DOCUMENT VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF WIND FARMS 2014    The Landscape Institute (LI) notes Alan Macdonald’s Review of the SNH Visual Representation of Wind Farms 2014 (SNH 2014) and the views expressed in this self published document. The LI is satisfied that the guidance given in SNH 2014 is fit for purpose and refutes the claim, made by Alan MacDonald, that:  “ ..the … Read full story

Invitation to attend a meeting of the Cross Party Group on Architecture + the Built Environment on 17 November 2015

Irish Design 2015 – Festival of Architecture 2016 Creative Connections in the Built Environment Linda Fabiani MSP and Pat Bourne, Consul General of Ireland invite you to attend a meeting of the Cross Party Group on Architecture + the Built Environment on 17 November 2015. The meeting will take place from 5.30 – 7.30 pm in Committee Room 2 of the Scottish Parliament. Representatives of these two great national initiatives will meet to discuss creative connections in the built environment, … Read full story

Official Launch of Observatree Project

        Dear colleague,   We are delighted to announce the official launch of the Observatree project today.   More than 200 UK-wide Observatree volunteers have been trained as citizen scientists and we encourage everyone to be more observant and report possible signs of tree pests and diseases. Read the full story in our media release.   You can help us establish our UK tree health early warning system by:   • Looking out for signs and symptoms … Read full story

SNH Guidance: Visual Representation of Wind Farms Update and Request

SNH guidance Visual representation of wind farms Update and Request We hope to trial the digital viewer described in the Visual Representation of wind farms (Dec 2014) for section 36 applications later this summer.  We will issue an update on this in June, but in the meantime applicants do not need to submit a jpeg image for the digital viewer until further notice. We’ve started to receive new applications with visualisations which conform with the new guidance.  On the whole, … Read full story

Land Reform Consultation Feb 2015 – Read the LIS’ submission HERE!

Below you can read the LIS’ letter as part of the LIS’ Land Reform Consultation response. To read the entire consultation with the LIS’ response, click Land-reform-bill-consultation-feb-2015 LISresponse 8feb2015. The LIS’ response to the consultation can be found in Annex D within the consultation document. Land Reform Team B1 Spur Saughton House Edinburgh EH11 3XD 8th February 2015 Dear Sir/Madam LAND REFORM BILL: LAND RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES POLICY STATEMENT CONSULTATION RESPONSE Introduction The Landscape Institute Scotland is part of the … Read full story

LIS Committee response to the Future Directions Consultation – Available HERE!

LIS letter sent on behalf of the LIS Committee to Chris Sheridan, Landscape Institute Head of Education and Membership, and copied to the LI Chief Executive, Phil Mulligan and LI President Noel Farrer, regarding a response to the Landscape Institute: Future Direction Members’ Consultation. A PDF version of the letter can be downloaded HERE … Read full story

Summary of LIS Consultation Event on LI Governance Proposals – Available here!

Landscape Institute: Future Direction Members’ Consultation  The Landscape Institute Scotland held a discussion evening for LIS Members on Wednesday, 3rd December 2014 in Glasgow (6pm – 9 pm ), where Chris Sheridan, Landscape Institute Head of Education and Membership presented the proposals being put forward by the LI and fielded questions from LIS Members in attendance. Download a PDF note of the meeting discussions at this link HERE    … Read full story