LIS Staff

Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca Hughes Policy and Development Officer

Rebeccca Hughes – LIS Policy and Development Officer

Rebecca has a BSc Joint Honours in Botany and Geography from the University of Durham and a BPhil in Landscape Design from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  She is a Fellow of the Landscape Institute, an Independent Commissioner to DoE New Zealand and a Chartered Member of New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects

Rebecca is the Principal Landscape Architect with SLR. She has wide experience of designing and assessing renewable energy generation and infrastructure projects, landscape restoration strategies for surface mineral extraction and waste management sites, new settlement master planning proposals, landscape character assessment, LVIA and landscape policy development at local, regional and national levels.

With over 25 years experience she has undertaken large scale landscape design and landscape planning projects, and involved in developing published guidance for landscape character assessment and techniques for assessing landscape and visual effects.

As Head of Landscape and Restoration for Scottish Natural Heritage she initiated and project managed the National Programme of Landscape Character Assessment for Scotland UK, the first country wide LCA in Europe. At the same time she was closely involved with the development of best practice guidance for both Landscape Character Assessment and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment which are both now industry standards.

Rebecca also has experience in many other areas of landscape and urban design, applied ecology and developing national planning policy for national government departments and local councils, university based teaching and research in environmental design, landscape architecture and urban design.

Rebecca worked as a senior landscape planner in New Zealand between 2007-2011. Previously she was Technical Director for Landscape at Enviros, working throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Earlier in her career she worked on projects in France, Libya, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea and ran her own landscape practice and ecological consultancy from a farmhouse on Hadrians Wall.


Rachel Howe – LIS Administrator

Rachel is new to the world of Landscape Architecture, joining the LIS straight out of Glasgow University where they were studying for a chemistry degree. They divide their time between the LIS and TGP Landscape Architects in Glasgow handling administrative duties.

Rachel has worked as an administrator with the Oxford branch of well respected investment firm, Charles Stanley. They are looking forward to their time with the LIS.